FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Where can someone buy your fonts?

See Here: Where To Buy.

At this time, it’s much easier for me to sell through third-party vendors and avoid the overhead and headaches of running an online store. In future, I may add an online store here, but not yet. You will be able to buy my fonts with various plans, including discounts and special sales, and multi-user or company organizational purchases.

How does someone commission you to design a fonr?

  • Logos, Logotypes, Wordmarks
  • A Word, A Few Characters
  • A Single Font-Face
  • A Whole Font-Family

Please contact me if you would like to commission my font design work. See Also: the cost rates question.

Can I hire you to do other artwork and graphics?

  • Vector Drawings
  • Digital Paintings
  • Digital Photography
  • Print Publication Design
  • Website Design
  • 3D CGI Animation

I used to work professionally doing desktop publishing, graphics, and design, and writing, editing, and proofing client work. I did vector drawings primarily in Macromedia Freehand, with expert skills, and I am currently learning Inkscape and need to learn Scribus. My Adobe products are outdated.

If you would like to commission me to do design work, artwork, or writing and editing, or proofing, please contact me.

I do my own website design, but I haven’t yet taught myself PHP or mySQL. You can see samples of my website design here and at my personal site.

If you would like to commission me to do website design, please contact me.

I have never done 3D CGI artwork or animations. I would like to learn the software to do that. I understand it’s very complex and takes a while to learn.

I heard you do audio voice work. Would you audition for our project? Can we hire you?

I have done audio voice work for several indie or fan-based volunteer projects. You can hear samples of my work and see a list of credits on my Audio Voice Work page on my personal site, ShinyFiction.com. This may be spun off later into its own site. I would love to be paid to do audio voice work, especially for animation. I will also do volunteer work if there’s a good volunteer audio drama that needs voice acting. I am not yet a member of any professional acting guild, nor do I have an agent yet.

What is the typical design process?

The answer is a page in itself. See: The Design Process;

How long does it take?

The short answer is, it takes as long as it takes. This is not as smart-alecky as it sounds. In the old days, before computer font design, it might take a year or two for a single font-face to be designed, and a font-family might be released over a period of years, or in a given year. If a font design has some problem where it doesn’t gel right or doesn’t sell to vendors, it may sit until it’s resolved.

My early font designs sat, due to other professional work taking a priority, and to personal family health needs, and then to hardware and software problems. One of my main programs was bought and support was discontinued during that time. Finding a usable backup, importing artwork into a font editor or a vector graphics program, or flat out starting from scratch and redrawing the font once I had new software, all happened. While working for others, my personal and professional projects (font design, for instance) didn’t get high priority, if any, and these sat.

Other font designs, or redrawn fonts, have had much quicker development, and my process has improved and sped up a lot.

It can take a few months for a full single font, and months more for a font-family. It can also take years. The quickest font development I’ve had so far has completed most of one font-face in about half a week. But that’s recent and not yet completed. We’ll see how long it takes to do the full font.

By contrast, doing just a few characters for a logotype or word mark or some other limited special use can be done in a week to a month. It depends on the needs and how well the design goes, how clear the design goal is. I personally think, if you’re going to commision a custom font for a few letters for a logo or special use, why not spend the money and go the extra distance to get a complete font or family, once the initial need for a few characters is met. Because once you have that word designed, you also are likely to want other text with the same look, or you may need that word in other languages. So it makes sense to complete at least one font, because you can use it more that way.

How much does it cost?

My finished single fonts and font-families will soon sell at competitive prices through 3rd-party vendors. There are special sales and discounts periodically, such as upon a new font release. Full price will be $20 to $25 dollars, with a 20$ to 25% sale price or discount periodically. I am looking into how to offer discount coupons to friends, patrons, and clients.

My custom commissioned font work will also be priced competitively. I’m researching current rates. A single font with the Standard character set of 279 glyphs takes many hours of work to produce properly, and is a starting point by current standards. This can take months to do right. I was surprised by the rates I’ve seen, until I thought more about the actual time that goes into it.

Please be aware this is not like buying a commercially available font-family off the shelf. I will be selling those too, from my original designs, and I use and value and admire fellow designers’ work. The prices you see these days are priced for sales to large numbers of customers. This is how the designers can afford to sell them at public rates.

Please contact me for a quote on pricing for commissioned work.

Will you make a font from my idea? I’ve got this great idea!

There are two options if you have a great idea for a font and want to see it turned into a working font.

If you can draw, but you can’t afford to commission me, you can do it yourself. This is not being mean-spirited or haughty or greedy. I have to make money too, or I can’t afford things I need to do. If you can’t afford to pay me to design a font from your idea, then you need to do it yourself, or wait, or look elsewhere.

If you are a graphic designer, this is also good advice, to do it yourself. I had a neat idea I thought another font designer would like, back when I couldn’t do the work myself without the software, and couldn’t afford to pay someone a commission to do it for me. I asked a font designer and offered the idea. His advice was for me to do it myself, if I was a graphic artist or could draw at all. I was disappointed at the time. I’d thought I could describe the idea or send sketches or scans, and he could use it, if I stated I gave him the rights, or if I described a general idea he could develop as he saw fit. No. His answer, and his really good advice, was for me to do it myself, to develop the font myself and put it up for sale. This was actually some of the best advice I got during that time, and I thank and respect him for it. That font idea is still waiting for production, but it may get there eventually.

He was also telling me, without saying it, that he couldn’t ethically take someone’s idea for free and then make money off of it, and that he also needed to make a living and get paid for it, because he had bills to pay too. He couldn’t go around working for free, based on someone’s great idea. That is fair and ethical for both parties. It was also a polite kick in the butt to get me motivated. It was really good advice.

The other option is to commission me, to hire me and pay me to create a font for you based on your idea. But please be clear about what your idea is and what you expect. Know that no designer can read your mind to see what you have in mind, if you can’t describe it or don’t know it when you see it, or if you can’t sketch it out enough to show me what you want.

I really hope that hasn’t disappointed you or made you angry. I would like to help out, but I can’t do it for free for you. Also, I can’t take your idea for free and make money off of it, because that wouldn’t be right for me or for you.

Please see the next question, on how to commission me.